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About Event

We are honored to invite you to The First Edition of 1I1W– International Idea,Design and Invention Expo held in Istanbul, Turkey, October 4-6, 2019 at Pullman Istanbul Convention Center. The event promotes Idea -Design and innovation in international context. Our goal is edition to bring commercial value to inventions largest in Europe. During 1I1W leading inventors, researchers, engineers and scientists will present actual research issues in all fields of research.









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This Video is a short organization fragment from our membership (WIIPA) Expo format .

Event Schedule

4 Oct, 2019

8 : 00 AM - 11 : 00 AM

Participants Registration

Between 8:00am to 11:00 am the specified hours of the Expo, will be made records and badges will be given.

Responsible by Emin.H

11 : 00 AM - 12 : 00 PM

Opening Ceremony Welcoming

Artistic moment, 1I1W“Hoşgeldin”, Mr.Bülent Kavaklı “speech”, Mrs.Monly Hsieh General Director of WIIPA “speech”

Responsible by Mustafa.K.O

13 : 00 AM - 17 : 00 AM

Speekers Conference

We will host our valuable speeches in the conference hall during the day.

Responsible by Davut.G

17 : 00 PM - 18 : 00 PM

First Jury Meeting

Venerable Jury Members will evaluate our projects throughout the day, All of dear Exhibitors must be present at their stands

Responsible by Ayhan.S.D

5 Oct, 2019

8 : 00 AM - 17 : 00 PM

Exhibition start of day 2

Dear Exhibitors will be start for second day.

Responsible by Emin.H

10 : 00 AM - 12 : 00 PM

Public Auction

Entrepreneur, Investor Meeting.

Responsible by Mustafa.K.O

14 : 00 PM - 15 : 00 PM

Speekers Conference

We will host our valuable speeches in the conference hall during the day.

Responsible by Davut.G

14 : 00 PM - 15 : 00 PM

Final Jury Decision

The recent evaluations of the head of the international jury will be taken from our other jury members and will find the owners of the medals (We wish good luck to exhibitors).

Responsible by Ayhan.S.D

18 : 00 PM - 20 : 00 PM

Cocktail Dinner – Awards Ceremony

Happy ending for everyone, Award ceremony will be held with music and cocktails.

Responsible by Mustafa.K.O

6 Oct, 2019

9 : 00 PM - 14 : 00 PM

Cultural City tour

This tour takes you through the historic and breathtaking city of Istanbul. You will have the opportunity to explore famous pieces of Ottoman architecture that still stand in magnificent detail.

Responsible by Mustafa.K.O

14 : 00 PM - 15 : 00 PM

Goodbye Party

We will miss you :) Hoşçakalın,

Responsible by Bülent.K

Our Speakers

Dr.Temel Kotil

General Manager of TUSAŞ


Technology Author

İbrahim Elbaşı

Director of BTM-Istanbul


Head of Agrigreen Energy

Prof.Sırrı Oğüz

NASA Space Engineer

Prof.Andrei Sandu

Director of R&D (WIIPA)


TO REGISTER – Please fill Invention or research registration form (one table for each entry) and send to this Email address

Registration form

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+90 850 885 2636

+90 532 602 7497